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Monday, December 20, 2010

WindPaddle Sails 2011 Promotional Vodeo

Here's our 2011 promotional video. Let us know what you think or if you want a copy for you, your paddling club or you shop. ( There's new video and still shots submitted by our users from around the world.

This one is from up at 81 degrees N. off the Svalbald Islands north or Norway.

Featured in our video is the new WindPaddle "Scout" sail (look for the blaze-orange sail), intended for the casual or recreational paddler. It joins the "Adventure" and the canoe/tandem "Cruiser" sail.

The band "Rusted Root" has partnered with us to allow us to use what we think is a terrific kayak and canoe sailing song in this years video.

Happy Paddling/Sailing!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New and Better Folding Video

We admit that folding the WindPaddle sail isn't what most folks would call intuitive or easy, but hey, if it WERE easy Jet Skiers would be doing it, right?

Well our new Folding-Guru Rhonda went with us to a Trade Show (Outdoor Retailer Exhibition in Utah) and started showing everyone how to coil and fold the WindPaddle sail using this NEW technique that she said she is now patenting. Guess what? It works BETTER than our old way.

So we are not saying the old way is now obsolete, but for learning and for ease of folding, go for the new method here:

We are interested in your feedback. And if you discover a 3rd folding option that works for you , we'll video you doing it, set you up with a web link, a Paypal account and you can probably retire on the royalties!