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Monday, December 20, 2010

WindPaddle Sails 2011 Promotional Vodeo

Here's our 2011 promotional video. Let us know what you think or if you want a copy for you, your paddling club or you shop. ( There's new video and still shots submitted by our users from around the world.

This one is from up at 81 degrees N. off the Svalbald Islands north or Norway.

Featured in our video is the new WindPaddle "Scout" sail (look for the blaze-orange sail), intended for the casual or recreational paddler. It joins the "Adventure" and the canoe/tandem "Cruiser" sail.

The band "Rusted Root" has partnered with us to allow us to use what we think is a terrific kayak and canoe sailing song in this years video.

Happy Paddling/Sailing!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New and Better Folding Video

We admit that folding the WindPaddle sail isn't what most folks would call intuitive or easy, but hey, if it WERE easy Jet Skiers would be doing it, right?

Well our new Folding-Guru Rhonda went with us to a Trade Show (Outdoor Retailer Exhibition in Utah) and started showing everyone how to coil and fold the WindPaddle sail using this NEW technique that she said she is now patenting. Guess what? It works BETTER than our old way.

So we are not saying the old way is now obsolete, but for learning and for ease of folding, go for the new method here:

We are interested in your feedback. And if you discover a 3rd folding option that works for you , we'll video you doing it, set you up with a web link, a Paypal account and you can probably retire on the royalties!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Product - WindPaddle "Scout" Free Shipping

WindPaddle Sails has just released our new "Scout" sail!

Our newest sail, the WindPaddle “Scout” was added to our line-up as an entry level sail to be used in low-medium winds. Solo kayakers will appreciate its ease of use, lightweight and forgiving manner. Built for the casual or recreational paddler in mind, the “Scout” is the lightest, most affordable and easiest to use sail currently on the market. We built this sail with a soft batten that holds sail shape, yet is pliable enough that it almost coils/folds itself!. For an entry level sail that will pull you quickly downwind yet easy enough for kids 8-80 to handle, the “Scout” is the sail to own.

Target boat– Solo rec. boat to Touring kayak, SOT 8 – 15 feet.

Target windspeed – 4 to 13 knots

Target paddler – novice to intermediate

Off-wind sailing envelope – approx. 150 degrees

We have a special introductory price for this sail during the last few days of November and into December. Go to for the goods!

See you on the water.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awards from Sweden

Accolades from Sweden - We just found out we were nominated as this year's outdoor product at the Wilderness Fair, Sweden, 2010. This apparently happened this summer, but it STILL makes us feel warm and fuzzy about it.

Here's what they have to say about us in Sweden:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sails in Europe - Kanumesse 2010

We just finished up our trade show in N├╝rnberg, Germany and we welcomed with enthusiasm. Last year being our first show here, we were able to visit with familiar faces and new.

We brought our new WindPaddle "Scout" sail and showed it for the first time. Here's Rhonda doing her thing demonstrating our sails.

We picked up interest and retailers from Estonia to Cypress and most all points in between.

2011 is looking to be yet another banner year!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Ad - Canoe and Kayak Magazine.

Here's a new ad sent to C&K for their 2011 Accessories Buyers Guide.

The top photo was sent in to us from the Canary Islands (Spain). The bottom pics, from left to right are; WindPaddle's own Rhonda out on Donner Lake (Calif.). Center is Terri on our local Columbia River (Ore.) and the right is a few kids in the bow of a canoe in Wales, UK.

Send us YOUR photos!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kanumessa - Industry Trade Show in Germany

If you are in Nuremberg (Nurnberg) the first part of October, don't miss visiting Kanumessa, the largest Kayak (kajak) and canoe (kanu) sports show in Europe!

Last year we introduced our sails to a very receptive audience of shop owners from Italy to Finland and all points in between. Check out our international dealer listings on our website.

This year we bring new colors and the recently introduced WindPaddle "Scout" sail.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Canary Islands - WindPaddle Sailing

Our new retailer in the Canary Islands sent us a nice pic of the yellow "Adventure" sail. He tied the sheet to the top of his life vest using a quick-release snap.

We wish we were there!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jon Turk (one of our "Team Riders") will be presenting Tuesday P.M. at Hood River's Columbia Center for the Arts.

Living Magically, Acting Practically - an evening of short films and stories.

From Jon's own website;

"For almost forty years I have wandered through exotic and remote landscapes and returned to write and speak about my adventures, the people, and the environments that I have been lucky enough to encounter.”

This will be a great talk from one of today's most educated, experienced and thought-provoking adventurers.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New WindPaddle Cruiser sail review.

New WindPaddle Cruiser sail review.

Hans Heupink of Holland just finished an independent sail review.

Here's his summary:


The Windpaddle offered this paddler a lot of sailing fun. Without any serious sailing experience I sailed within minutes. Most important for me is the versatility of the Windpaddle. You can use it on any craft and it doesn’t turn a kayak or canoe into a complex, heavy sailing craft (which I would end up sailing instead of paddling). The boats stay real kayaks and canoes, I can paddle them like I always did, and when I want I can catch the wind with the Windpaddle. I didn’t know before that sailing can be so uncomplicated ;-). It is great to experience how a simple breeze moves you across the water faster than you can paddle. Sailing is fun!

Read the entire review here at

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Try before you buy!

Last Saturday we put a few sails on a beautiful 3-person Pygmy kayak so see what sail the owners, Dennis and Morene wanted.

Given the lack of wind, which was way odd for this time of year, they decided on a sail and went home with a nice new Red WindPaddle sail!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stockholm - WindPaddle is Outdoor Product of the year 2010

At the recent Outdoor show in Stockholm (11-14 March) the WindPaddle sail was nominated as “Outdoor product of the year 2010 hardware”.

We know the sail works and works well, but it is so nice to have this kind of recognition in Sweden! (sent to us courtesy of
Avanza Kayak & Outdoor -

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

South Padre Island, TX - Demo Day

Hi all. I have been talking with (name withheld) who lives near SPI and thought I'd arrange to have a few WindPaddle sails down in South Padre Island for folks to demo.

Other than a folding clinic (always a favorite! ) We'll have sails to try. Sailing tips will include launching, running and reaching points of sail and sail trim as well as rigging ideas so one can always have the option of paddling while sailing!

Interested parties should visit the WindPaddle website at or email me ( for specifics. We are planning for May 1 at high noon at the South Padre Island Kayak store.

Come join us.

Thanks, Nick
President, WindPaddle Sails
(541) 490.9112

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paddling while sailing - Confusion???

Hey there, Nick (Pres. and owner) of WindPaddle sails here.

There seems to be some confusion out there about paddling while using a deployed WindPaddle sail. We always have the ability to paddle when steering our boats that do not have rudders while sailing with the WindPaddle. It all depends upon how you decide to hold the sheets that come off the 10 and 2 o-clock positions of the sail. You CAN paddle while sailing:

1) You can hold the continuous sheet in your hand or hands and still paddle.

2) You may also tie the sheets off to the boa, like a "D"-ring, strap, etc. and have your hands free to paddle. (The sheets will lead down from the top of the sail and above your paddling stroke area).

3) You can tie the sheet to the middle of your paddle and continue to paddle.

4) It is also possibe to either rig a quick-disconnect to your life-vest and fasten the sail sheet to your torso or attach cleats to your cockpit to hold the sheet(s).

Please let us know your thoughts or suggestions.

Happy Sailing/Paddling.